Community Engagement During COVID-19

updated 08/11/2020

As good citizens of our campus and community we seek to do no harm. Moreover, we will abide by the University guidelines regarding “practical experiences,” which apply to “community engagement” as well.

Guidance for Practical Experiences – Fall 2020

The following applies for clinical practicums, skills labs, internships, and other practical application experiences for Fall 2020.

To the greatest extent possible, external practical application experiences should continue to operate remotely. The university should work to provide alternative remote learning experiences instead. However, students may participate in these experiences if the following are followed:

  1. It must be documented that the face-to-face practical experience is required in order for the student to graduate and/or fulfill accreditation requirements. All other options for allowing a fully remote experience must have been exhausted first. Limited exceptions to this standard may be considered if they fulfill a demonstrated significant need and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the respective college Dean and Provost’s Office. Exceptions for community based learning will be reviewed by the CCEL Executive Director and Provost’s Office.
  2. The student must sign the Attestation Form acknowledging that they understand and accept the circumstances and risks, have been given the option not to participate, that they have completed appropriate training by the university and/or facility, and will comply with all other pertinent requirements. Facilities and students must understand that face coverings must be worn in all indoor settings and outdoors where social distancing is not possible, consistent with WSU’s on campus rules.
  3. The school and student must be prepared that if the university moves to a higher risk level than at the beginning of the experience, they will either be able to move online or stop the experience. Contingency plans should be made in advance.
  4. Guidance regarding reporting of suspected COVID cases can be found here:


  1. All students involved community engagement--face-to-face AND remote--must complete the CCEL Participant Waiver before volunteering.
  2. All students involved in face-to-face community engagement opportunities, which have been approved by the Executive Director of CCEL, must complete the Attestation Form.
  3. Everyone who participates in face-to-face community engagement must wear Face Coverings.


  • We encourage faculty who teach CEL classes to find remote community engagement opportunities for their students. For ideas, contact Rich Fry:
  • We encourage our community partners to create remote community engagement opportunities and training as well. For ideas, contact Jenny Frame:
  • We encourage students and other volunteers to consult our list of opportunities but consider finding other remote forms of engagement.

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