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Meningitis - Page 2

CBC Results and Laboratory Spinal Fluid Analysis

  • 9. Which CBC and spinal fluid parameters are indicative of bacterial meningitis?

From the information provided, coupled with the patient's clinical symptoms, the diagnosis of acute bacterial meningitis was made by the medical team. The morphological characteristics of the bacteria and the clinical picture strongly suggests an infection due to Neisseria meningitidis.

The patient was administered intramuscular antibiotic therapy, as well as a steroid medication, called dexamethasone to reduce inflammation around the brain and it's associated seizure risk. The patient was promptly admitted to the hospital's critical care unit. Bacterial meningitis is a serious, life-threatening disease that requires prompt and intensive therapy. Click here for a clinical overview. The rash seen on the initial exam is called petechiae. As you recall, these are small hemorrhages (localized areas of bleeding) from the capillaries present in about 50-60% of patients with this form of acute bacterial meningitis. View petechiae rash

  • 10. Why are steroids used to treat patients with meningitis?
  • 11. What procedure has greatly reduced the incidence of bacterial meningitis?
  • 12. How long must infectious airborne precautions be maintained after the start of antibiotics?
  • 13. What causes the petechial rash in meningitis?