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Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia - Page 5

Noah was now in remission. Two weeks after achieving complete remission, Noah visited a radiology oncologist who administered radiation therapy to the spinal column. Radiation therapy was necessary to ensure all leukemic cells harbored in the meninges were eradicated.

  • 34. What is radiation therapy?

Noah continued maintenance chemotherapy treatments for two years. A CBC and bone marrow were performed at the end of two years.

CBC Results

Bone Marrow Results

  • 35. What evidence can be noted in the CBC and Bone Marrow results to indicate Noah is in remission?

It's important to note that bone marrow transplants are now being used successfully. These may be used for individuals that have had a recurrence of leukemia, or for types of leukemia that have a genetic cause.

View Bone Marrow Transplant video and answer the following questions:

  • 36. What is bone marrow and what is its purpose?
  • 37. How is bone marrow transplanted?
  • 38. What are possible sources for transplanted cells?