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Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia - Page 1

Noah, 6 years old, was brought back to his pediatrician three weeks following a streptococcal throat infection. His mother was worried that the Strep infection had not cleared up as the child was still complaining of a sore throat and had been very lethargic.

The physician noted that the child looked quite pale. The child's throat was still red, although the pus and petechiae previously noted with the Strep infection were absent. Ears and chest appeared to be clear although the child cried and seemed to be in pain when the doctor pressed on the sternum. Upon further examination, the physician noted that the child's spleen felt slightly enlarged, as did the lymph nodes. He noted that the child had multiple bruises over his lower extremities. Upon questioning, the mother commented that the child had been experiencing excessive nosebleeds. The physician ordered a CBC, and a throat culture. 

  • 1. What symptoms did Noah exhibit?
  • 2. Are Noah's symptoms consistent with a Strep infection?

The results of the laboratory tests were returned the following day.

Preliminary Throat Culture Report

CBC Results

  • 3. Which health professional is responsible for performing Noah's laboratory tests?
  • 4. What abnormalities were present in the laboratory tests?
  • 5. Which health professional would Noah's pediatrician be most likely to consult with?