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Hepatitis A and B - Page 4


Since Jon's diagnosis was confirmed by his immune response to the presence of the virus, the physicians agreed that treatment for dehydration was the most appropriate course of action. Jon was given intravenous fluids for one day and released from the hospital. He was prescribed bed rest. Follow-up laboratory tests showed a steady and eventual full recovery.

Laura, on the other hand, had acquired hepatitis B, and with it the potential for more serious side effects. In some patients with underlying medical problems, there is the ability to reduce the possibility of long-term effects by administering alpha interferon, (click on interferon) a relatively new substance available for reducing the tendency to become a carrier of hepatitis B. Since she was essentially a healthy young person, she was released, prescribed bed rest and good nutritional habits were recommended. Follow-up liver tests showed a steady improvement in Laura's liver function. Unfortunately, as with other post-hepatitis B patients, the possibility of transmission to others remains present.

  • 27. What are some of the possible long-term consequences from chronic hepatitis?
  • 28. How is Hepatitis A treated differently than Hepatitis B? How are the treatments similar?