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Hepatitis A and B - Page 3

Dr. Lyon ordered the following laboratory tests on both Jon and Laura Green:



Chemistry panel to include Liver enzymes and bilirubin

  • 20. Which of the liver enzymes is the most specific for hepatocyte damage?
  • 21. Which hepatitis symptom is directly linked to an elevated bilirubin level?
  • 22. Why is bilirubin elevated in hepatitis?

At the same time, he admitted both Jon and Laura to the hospital for observation. Jon, in particular, needed treatment for dehydration due to a prolonged period of vomiting and diarrhea.

  • 23. Define dehydration.
  • 24. What organs can be affected by dehydration?
  • 25. How is dehydration treated?

Jon's and Laura's Chemistry Panel

  • 26. Compare Jon and Laura's chemistry panels. How are they similar. How are they different? Why?

Jon's and Laura's Hepatitis Screening Panel