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Hepatitis A and B - Page 1

Review the Structure and Functions of the Liver in the Case Study Workbook.

Instructor's Note for Hepatitis Case:

This case is actually two separate cases that address viral hepatitis. This format was selected because many of the clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic parameters are very similar. The probability that two members of the same household acquired two separate forms of viral hepatitis is very small, but it does serve to illustrate the key medical issues surrounding these prevalent and infectious liver diseases.

Click here to review the basic nature of a virus. You should also review the information about viruses in the case study workbook.

View How a Virus Invades Your Body video and answer the following questions:

  • 1. What is a virus?
  • 2. How is viral replication different than other living organisms?
  • 3. How does a virus destroy the cells it inhabits?
  • 4. The hepatitis virus infects what type of liver cells?

The Cases

For the past several months, 22 year old Jon Green had been serving a church mission in an area close to San Paulo, Brazil when he began to exhibit several symptoms. Among them were increasing fatigue, nausea with vomiting, and increasing jaundice. Jon also had intermittent periods of fever and chills. Additionally, he complained of abdominal pain.

View Sever Case of Jaundice video and answer the following questions:

  • 5. Define jaundice.
  • 6. Where does bilirubin come from?
  • 7. Why are individuals infected with the hepatitis virus jaundiced?
  • 8. What are Jon's symptoms?

At his parent's request, the decision was made to send Jon back to his home near Houston, TX.

In the meantime, Jon’s sister, 20 year old Laura Green had visited with relatives in late May near the San Francisco, CA area where she and some friends attended a musical concert. After the concert, and on a whim, Laura decided to have her navel pierced. Although the pierced area was slightly inflamed and sore for several days, it seemed to heal well and she returned home. Now, nearly four months later during the last part of September, Laura, usually active and full of energy, began to feel increasingly tired and ate very little. As a result, she began to lose weight and experienced intermittent episodes of vague aching in the abdominal area.

  • 9. What are Laura's symptoms?
  • 10. How do Laura's symptoms differ from Jon's?