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Hemophilia - Page 4

The geneticist interviewed Steven's mother and grandmother. The grandmother indicated that her uncle had died at the age of 11 from a bleeding disorder. The geneticist interviewed and collected blood samples from all living female maternal relatives. This made it possible to construct a pedigree chart, and identify those at risk of passing the hemophilia gene on to their posterity.

See Hemophilia Pedigree Chart

Steven's doctor told the family that with current methods of treatment, Steven should be able to live a fairly normal life. Precautions would definitely need to be taken. As Steven learned to walk, the doctor advised wearing a helmet to prevent head injuries from falls. As Steven grows, sports will become an issue. Non-contact sports such as bicycling, swimming, and walking strengthen joints and muscles and are very beneficial for hemophiliacs. Contact sports must be avoided.

Steven's family joined a hemophilia support group, consisting of other families of hemophiliacs. Although they knew they had a long road ahead of them, they would learn from others with the same problem, and provide the most normal life they could for their son.