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Burn - Page 3

The patient was started on an IV drip of 3-5 mg/10 minutes of morphine for pain. The head was elevated to maintain an open airway but stridor was noted (make sure to also listen to stridor by selecting "waveform" on the stridor link). Anna was intubated (see endotracheal intubation) and placed on mechanical ventilation to maintain an open airway. Respiratory therapists will monitor mechanical ventilation as long as Anna needs airway support.

View Intubation and Mechanical Ventilation video and answer the following questions

  • 15. What causes stridor?
  • 16. What is a mechanical ventilator and how is a patient connected to the ventilator?
  • 17. What are some of the risks of mechanical ventilation?

View Endotracheal Intubation video and answer the following questions:

  • 18. Why is this patient being intubated?
  • 19. Why is a rapid sequence intubation being performed?

A foley catheter was placed in Anna to monitor urinary output. One of the major problems with burns is the loss of body fluids. Fluids should be administered to maintain a urine output of 30-50ml/hr in adults (American Burn Association).

View Special Report: Inside Top Burn Treatment Center video