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Burn - Page 1

Anna Sites was cooking a meal for her boyfriend. She was frying bacon to add to a pasta dish when the grease from the bacon caught fire. Anna panicked, grabbed the boiling pasta water on the stove, and dumped it on the grease fire. The fire exploded into a raging fire ball, scalding Anna's face and hair, and catching Anna's shirt on fire.

View Grease Fire Demonstration video

Luckily, Anna's boyfriend Eric walked in right after the explosion. Grabbing Anna, he rolled her on the floor, quickly extinguishing the flames. He grabbed some baking soda, threw it on the fire to extinguish the flames, and called 911.

The 911 dispatcher sent emergency response personnel, including EMTs, Paramedics, and firefighters to the site. Anna was still conscious and in a great deal of pain. Keeping Eric on the phone, the dispatcher asked Eric to gently turn Anna on to her back and tilt her head to one side. He then told Eric to elevate her legs to treat for shock.

Review types of shock in the workbook.

View What is Shock video and answer the following questions:

  • 1. Define shock.
  • 2. What are physiological causes of shock?
  • 3. List 4 symptoms of compensated shock, and 1 symptom of decompensated shock.
  • 4. When is shock irreversible?
  • 5. List 4 main types of shock.

View Medical Shock - The Correct Treatment video and answer the following questions:

  • 6. Describe treatment for shock.