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Sports-related Traumatic Injury - Page 4

Although Derrick's surgery was a success, he still had a long road of physical therapy in front of him. The reconstructed ligament would take at least 6 months to regain adequate strength. He began Phase 2, or the repair phase of physical therapy. Goals of this phase included achieving a normal gait pattern; maintaining full extension; strengthening quadriceps and hamstrings; increasing knee flexion; maintaining cardiorespiratory endurance, and improving neuromuscular control. *

At 4 months Derrick began Phase 3 of physical therapy in which concentration was placed on functional progressions and return to high-demand activity. * Therapy consisted of electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound massage (massage using sound waves), and incorporating sport-specific activities.

  • 10. What is electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)?
  • 11. How can EMS prevent or reduce muscle atrophy?

At 6 months Derrick was released to full activity but still maintained his weightlifting exercises to keep his knee healthy. Next football season was definitely looking up!

* Principles of Athletic Training, Ninth Edition, Arnheim and Prentice, pg. 496.