Alumni Resources

Assessment Testing

Are you interested in measuring your skills, personality, and interests to see which career fields would be best for you? Assessment testing can be a helpful process for those looking to change careers or those who would just like more insight into themselves. The process consists of four steps:

  • 30-minute appointment with a career counselor to determine which tests would be most helpful for you
  • Taking the test(s) on your own time
  • 1-hour follow-up appointment with your counselor to review your test results
  • Additional meetings with your counselor if necessary

If you're interested in taking assessment tests, give us a call at 801-626-6393.

Online Job Search

Weber State offers many online resources for finding a great job. Here are a few valuable websites:

  • Handshake: a website run by Career Services on which employers post new local job listings daily
  • CareerShift: a networking and national job searching website for which Weber State alumni get a free subscription
  • WSU Jobs: a site of every job available at Weber State University

Please visit our Finding a Job page for more job-searching website recommendations.

Interviewing & Resume Help

Resume Reviews

Need help writing a great resume? We have career counselors specializing in every field that can look over your resume and help critique and perfect it. It's often best to bring in a near-completed resume so that the counselor has something to work with. Click here to view our resume guide. Give us a call to make an appointment; we'll be happy to help!

Mock Interviews

Have an interview coming up? We offer mock interviews with career counselors, which are simulated to be as realistic as possible to help you practice. One of our counselors will greet you in the waiting area and take you back to one of our interview rooms. The interview will then be recorded and the disc given to you, so that you can watch it to see where you need to improve.

In order to make the process realistic and beneficial for you, we ask that you come dressed professionally, just as if you were going to a real interview. A resume is also helpful to bring.

If you'd like to set up a mock interview, please call our office at 801-626-6393, and have your W# ready.

Career Fair

If you're looking for a job, our Career Fairs are great to check out. They are held twice a year during Fall & Spring semester, and they bring a collection of reputable companies looking for new employees. These events give you the chance to talk to recruiters and make a great first impression.

For more information about the fair and tips on how to succeed, visit our Wildcat Handshake fairs page.