How to Refer Students

To help faculty properly refer students, we've put together this guide of our services. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Appointments can be made through Wildcat Handshake.

About Us

Career Services is a center on campus that provides free career advisement to Weber State students and alumni. We have professional career counselors over every college on campus (find your counselor). We also sponsor various career-related events during the year that can help students network and find employment.

Choosing a Major

Assessment Tests

When students are unsure of which field they'd like to go into, we usually recommend assessment testing. This process allows students to take tests and work individually with their career counselor to identify their skills, interests, and personality. The tests match the students up with various careers that would be well-suited to them.

Here are the tests we offer:

  • Career Liftoff
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Strong Interest Inventory (SII)

If you think that a student might benefit from assessment tests, please send them to us.

Informational Counseling

For the student who has a few ideas of what they'd like to go into but doesn't know how to get there, we suggest meeting with one of our career counselors. They can help students explore careers and provide information about educational requirements, salary, job security, etc.

Finding a Job

Our center can help students in every step of the job-searching process. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Employment Counseling: meeting with a career counselor to discuss job-hunting options
  • Wildcat Handshake: an online job board comprising of over 5,000 employers exclusively for WSU students/alumni
  • Career Library: an in-office collection of printed and digital career-searching materials
  • Resume Reviews: having one of our counselors critique a student's resume
  • Mock Interviews: videotaped practice interview sessions with a career counselor
  • Career Fairs: events sponsored by Career Services that help students network with potential employers

If students would like online resources, please refer them to the Students section of our website.


Appointments are scheduled through Wildcat Handshake, which can also be accessed through your eWeber Portal.

Career Intake

The initial step in the assessment testing process (see above).

Career Counseling

For obtaining information about a certain career or field.

Employment Counseling

For help finding a job in a particular field

Resume Review

To have one of our career counselors look over a student's resume.

Mock Interview

A videotaped practice interview session with one our our counselors.


Career Services hosts various career-related events during the year, with the aim to help students learn essential job-seeking skills, find jobs, and get help preparing for graduate school.

View our Event Schedule for details.

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