Refunds/Credit Balances and eRefunds

If you have received financial aid, scholarships or other sponsorship payments that exceed your tuition charges, these funds may be refunded to you to cover other expenses relating to your educational and living costs. These credit balances are typically processed within one business day following the disbursement of your funds. Please be aware that refund checks are only generated weekly so please allow 10-15 days for processing and normal mailing times to receive a refund check. Weber State is unable to hold your check for personal pickup, so make sure you keep your address and phone numbers current. 

If you have previously made a payment(s) with a credit/debit card on your account, any credit balance will be refunded back the card used to make the payment on your account BEFORE being refunded to your designated e-refund account or by paper check.

eRefunds (Direct Deposit Refunding)

Weber State is proud to offer eRefunds. No more waiting by your mailbox hoping today will be the day the post-office delivers your check. Now the funds can be deposited directly to your checking or savings account, often within 24-48 business hours of the financial aid being applied to your student account. You choose the account that works best for you!

Follow the below steps to enroll today:

Step 1: Log into your eWeber portal.
Step 2: Select "Tuition and Fees" from the categories found on the left hand side of your screen.
Step 3: Click on the "View/Pay Tuition and Fees" icon.
Step 4: Select “Make a Payment for the Current Semester”; click on “I Agree” to be directed to the Student Bill and Payment Suite.
Step 5: Select the “Refunds” tab on the main menu bar.
Step 6: Set up Two-Step Verification then click on “Refunds” again.
Step 7: Click on “Set up a new account” in the Refund Methods box (should be at the top)
Step 8: Enter your checking or savings account information (you may need to unblock popups) and then click “Continue”, click on the Refund Option box and click continue.
Step 9: An agreement screen will come up. Click on the “I agree” button, and then click "Continue."

eRefund Questions