Tuition/Fees Refund Dates

Fall 2024

Summer 2024

Dropped Courses

Weber State University does NOT drop courses for nonpayment or nonattendance.  

Students are responsible for dropping courses they do not plan to attend.  Tuition and fees will not be waived for nonattendance.  Once registered, each student is obligated to pay for their courses unless the student has dropped courses or the student completes a total withdraw from school during the 100% refund period.  If a student drops or completely withdraws from school after the 100% refund period, the student is obligated to pay tuition and fees according to the current semester refund schedule.  Also, a student must pay for a dropped courses by the payment deadline to avoid late fees and interest.  For details on how refunds are calculated, please click HERE

If tuition and fees are not paid in full by the payment deadline date or if you are not registered in a Monthly Payment Plan; you will be assessed late and collection fees

There will be a registration hold placed on your file for subsequent semesters for nonpayment.  The hold will remain until tuition and fees are paid in full.  Tuition and fees are due by the tuition deadline date unless the student is enrolled in a Monthly Payment Plan.

Additional Refunding information for students receiving Military Tuition Assistance.  Students who are receiving tuition assistance through Military TA agreements can view additional information regarding the Refund of Unearned TA funds here.