Online Accounts System-Customer Web Access

Weber State is proud to introduce its new online account system, Customer Web Access (CWA), to make managing your Perkins Loan or outstanding debt with the University easier.  With CWA you may print out important forms, view billing and account information, schedule ACH drafts and make online payments.

Login Instructions:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to the website

  1. On the Login screen, enter the User Name as your studentid or W Number can that be found on your monthly statements. If you are logging in for the first time please enter the Password as your studentid appended by a “$” sign. For example if your W number is W1234567 then your password would be W1234567$. Click on the Login button.

    3.       If this is your first time logging into CWA:  


a.       You will be prompted to enter your birthdate for identity confirmation. Please enter in mm/dd/yyyy format.


b.      If authenticated, it will take you to the Change Password screen, where you will need to change your password. It is a good idea to change your password the first time you login for security purposes.


c.       After successfully changing password, you will be redirected to a Register screen. You will enter your email address for e-notification purposes. This registration will ensure that you will receive all email notifications for your bills and correspondence.


d.      After successful registration, you will be taken to the Home page.




Overview of Pages

  1. Personal Information menu contains all your profile information like name, address and contact information. It also contains your References information and your ACH accounts if set up. To update your information, simply click the Update button and change/add any pertinent information.


  1. Accounts/Billing menu contains your account listing, account summary, billing statements as well as your pending bill to pay.


  1. Correspondence menu has all your previous and new mails as well as tax information.


  1. Online Forms menu allows you to download deferment forms, cancelation forms and postponement forms. In order to download forms, you may need the latest Adobe Reader software. If you do not have it, please expand the Helpful Links menu and click on the Get Adobe link. This link will open a new window for from where you can download the latest version of Adobe Reader.


  1. Manage My Account link contains links to change your password or to update your registration information.


  1. Contact Information menu contains the contact details of your school. If you have any questions or need any help, you can contact your school provided in Contact us links.


  1. Helpful Links menu provides access to any needed software update.