Matthew S Browning Center for Design Projects

Pictured: The Dumke Arts Plaza Glows Pink in Downtown Ogden

Dumke Arts Plaza

The Dumke Arts Plaza represents the transformation of a blighted motel property into an innovative civic space that will bring the community together around art in Ogden’s dynamic Nine Rails Creative District. The plaza’s design, inspired by the region's dynamic landscape, has the flexibility to support many types of art, from large-scale installations to small performances, and includes an LED screen for displaying film and video art. An elevated platform known as the plinth provides more space for arts programming, as well as a new perspective on the plaza and its surroundings. The Dumke Arts Plaza is a welcoming public space, with interactive play elements, unique lighting, benches, and water-wise landscaping. A major feature of the Dumke Arts Plaza is the Beacon, a new sculpture that extends over 25th Street, inviting visitors to explore the plaza.

Pictured is Entrepreneurial Ecosystem layout

Northern Utah Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Jake McIntire, on behalf of the Matthew S. Browning Center for Design, proposes to work with the Weber State Economic Development department and its partners on the development of a Northern Utah Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Networking Platform. This proposal outlines the process, schedule, and budget necessary to carry out a preliminary Ecosystem Architecture phase of work aimed at imagining, solidifying, and defining the Northern Utah Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and a Networking Platform that can support its success. This preliminary phase will be followed by subsequent phases of work to be defined as the ecosystem and networking platform are more clearly defined. 

The overarching goal of this phase is to thoughtfully explore and define what the entrepreneurial ecosystem is and how it can support local entrepreneurs as well as service providers. Through the process of defining the ecosystem architecture, we will explore the qualities, resources, opportunities, and infrastructure needed to cultivate an authentic and thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurship in our region. A key facet of this exploration will be to investigate opportunities to develop, prototype, and ultimately launch a networking platform that will include both virtual and in-person networking opportunities.