Matthew S. Browning Center for Design Fellows

Pictured: Jake McIntyre

Jake McIntyre

Fall 2021 MSBCD Fellow

2021-2022 Principal Design Strategist, Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Initiative

Jake is a Fellow in the Matthew S. Browning Center for Design, adjunct instructor in the Department of Visual Art and Design, the principal of Union Creative Agency, and the vice chair of the Ogden City Arts Advisory Committee. Jake is passionate about the role culture, art, and design play in the transformation of communities and has spent his practice exploring this dynamic relationship. He approaches his work in cultural planning and organizational consulting as a collaborative artistic practice backed by creativity and a passion for communicating collective meaning.

Jake received his Masters Degree of Fine Arts in Collaborative Design with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship, Urban Theory, and Social Systems from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. He holds a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts with Honors in Intermedia Sculpture and a minor in Business from the University of Utah.

Pictured is Thi Nguyen

Thi Nguyen

2021-2022 Lead Designer,
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Initiative

Thi’s creative practice aligns at the intersection of visual design, teaching, and design research. She is an alumnus of the MFA Communication Design program, Texas State University and Design for America (DFA), where she learned to use design thinking to address wicked problems, localize challenges, and create the smallest changes for the biggest impact.

She executes design principles and materials to tell stories on physical and digital platforms. Her works adopt a multidisciplinary community-centered design approach to empower people in different sectors such as education, mental health, environment, economics, and civics to recreate a more equitable society. Thi believes that design shall give people ownerships to take the lead and build their future communities.

Pictured: Matt Killebrew

Matt Killebrew

2021-2022 Design Associate,
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Initiative

Matt Killebrew is an all-around creative who is passionate about using art and design as a vehicle for expressing our shared human experience, and for driving social and environmental change in the world and in his local community. Between his two core disciplines of psychology and design, he believes that listening well is foundational to driving good policy and procedures that make the world a more artful, creative, and understanding place. 

Matt holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Weber State University and a Bachelor’s Science in Psychology from the University of Utah. Prior to shifting toward work in the design-field, Matt spent 12 years in the software industry as a senior product manager. Matt has also served as a member of the Governing Board and Board of Directors for the Utah Arts Festival.