Accessibility Info


All of the parking lots around Val A. Browning Center have reserved accessible spaces, including the Public Pay Lot (“PPL”). The easiest way for mobility-impaired patrons to access Val A. Browning Center is to park in one of the numerous accessible reserved spaces on the north end of the W8 parking lot (Link to Parking). Follow the sidewalk between the Kimball Building and the Browning Center to the main entrance.


Val A. Browning Center offers accessible seating on the main level. For more information on accessible seating please call the Val A. Browning Center Office at 801-626-7015.

For more information about ADA Ticketing Policy, visit this link.


Val A. Browning Center has two seating levels accessible by ramp or elevator. Our facilities also feature ADA-approved signage, handrails, and automatic door openers on exterior doors. Powered doors are located in the front main entrance to Val A. Browning Center; on the 3rd level on the north side of the building adjacent to Tracy Plaza, and on the 2nd level on the north side of the building. There is an elevator near the main entrance to the building just off the rotunda that accesses all three floors, and another elevator in the rear of the building off the south corridor that accesses all four levels of the building. The rear elevator DOES NOT access the second-floor lobby, but does offer access to room 230.

Drop off:

Patrons with limited mobility may be dropped off directly in front of the Val A. Browning Center at the circular drive.

Hearing Loop Guide Technology:

Hearing devices are available for all performances. There is no charge for the device, which can be picked up before the show time. Contact the House Manager the night of the performance or call Val A. Browning Center Office at 801-626-7000 for more information.

Public Transit/Paratransit:

The UTA provides lift-equipped buses on all routes, and paratransit services are also available. Visit the UTA website for more information on accessible routes and paratransit.


Wheelchair-accessible restroom are located on all levels of the Browning Center.

Equal Access:

In order to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the same opportunities to participate in, and benefit from, the Department of Performing Arts performances, all wheelchair locations and their adjacent companion seat will be held for purchase exclusively by wheelchair or scooter users, until the last non-wheelchair accessible location seat is sold. At that time, all wheelchair locations are released for sale on “first-come, first-served” bases to both wheelchair and non-wheelchair users.