Accurate, consistent and responsible use of WSU logos enables a powerful representation of our university.

Which Logo Should I Use?

A primary logo is a graphic representation of a group/department/organization on campus. For general university communications and publications, you will most likely use the primary logo. 
Secondary logos are usually a smaller version of a primary logo, styled differently for different uses. Secondary logos are created by Marketing & Communications designers in partnership with primary logos if certain qualifications are met.

See the Logo Usage Guide for how to use our official logos and marks.

Download: Primary Logos

Download our primary university and athletic logos here for both print and digital needs.

  1. Click on the file you would like to download (JPG, EPS, etc.)
  2. Most files will download automatically to your computer. Some will appear within your browser. If they appear in your browser, right-click the image (tap and hold for touch screens) and select "Save image as..." or "Save picture as...

Obtaining Secondary Logos

For other existing logos such as academic departments, divisions, programs, etc., request the file from the Marketing & Communications team using our project request form and we will share them with you. These requests are usually reviewed weekly on Monday afternoons. 

Marketing & Communications Project Request Form

If you require a new logo, follow the same process and request it through our project request form. You or your organization can qualify for a secondary logo if the organization is:

  • An academic department within a college
  • A department within a division
  • A student club
  • Still being formed and you can provide the appropriate documentation (meeting minutes, a Trustees packet, etc.) where the formal creation of the department was approved

-Approved by President’s Council in 2013