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Our Positioning Statement


We are Weber. We put teaching first. We forge strong connections. We are dedicated and resourceful, down to earth and forward thinking. We know how to challenge you, and we care enough to do it. We are proudly rooted in our community while we pioneer beyond boundaries. We are unique in our ability to welcome everyone who has a dream — to learn, to grow, to lead, to excel, to find your passion, to provide for your family — and we offer the personalized opportunities, experiences and support to transform that dream into reality. Our doors, and minds, are open.



What is a positioning statement?

A positioning statement distinguishes Weber State from other institutions by defining its place in higher education. It is meant primarily to inform those within the university, and it serves as a reference point for external marketing and branding efforts.

A positioning statement is not as detailed as a mission statement and is not as concise as a tagline in advertisements (e.g. Make Your Dream Happen). It draws from Weber State's mission and leads to the development of taglines and marketing campaigns, but it is a unique piece of communication intended for an internal audience.