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How we represent WSU visually plays an important role in how the university is perceived by our audiences. This includes not only using appropriate photos and up-to-date graphics, but also creating a consistent, professional appearance through the use of standard colors, fonts and design elements in our communication.

We have a large collection of photos that you may use in
your print pieces. Please contact our office at 801-626-7359 or and let us know your needs.

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Graphic Standards

Weber State University updated its logo, university signatures and other graphic identifiers in 2013. While the changes are subtle, these new marks and accompanying color palette were designed to better represent the university in a wide range of formats.

Whether on a t-shirt or a banner, in print or electronic format, billboard size or on a small mobile phone screen, consistent observance of these graphic standards will help audiences identify or recognize Weber State University in our work, and reinforce the reputation of the university overall.

Photos and Video

One of the main reasons to use photos or video when communicating about WSU is to help your audience picture themselves here. Make it easy for them by using good images.

At Weber State University, we have a lot going for us: a gorgeous mountainside campus, a vibrant student body, great academic programs, a multitude of activities, intriguing personalities. Here are some tips to help that translate to your audience:

Show people

You may have a beautiful campus or bright new building to show off, but if the sidewalks or hallways are empty, your images won’t be as engaging. Remember to take photos or schedule shoots at times when you can capture the activity and energy of the university—and that’s found in its people.

Show action

Does your program involve hands-on activities? Are students working in settings outside the classroom? Do your faculty members have energetic interactions with students? Capturing action in photos or video gives you much more interesting material than students sitting in a lecture hall.

Show quality

This is true for both the content of your images and how they are presented. WSU has many state-of-the-art facilities and gathering areas you can showcase; choose your settings wisely.

The resolution and quality of your photos and video should be appropriate for how they’ll be used: A photo that may be printed requires a much higher resolution than one that will be used on your department website or email newsletter.

Be real

Whenever possible, use photos of real students, professors or staff members, in real WSU surroundings. Stock photography can be inexpensive and help fill in gaps, but it does not truly represent your program, your people and your university.

Note: Make sure to get consent/permission from any students or other photo subjects to use their likeness for promotion of the university.