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Weber State Marketing Campaigns

Weber State Marketing & Communications regularly develops and runs advertising and awareness campaigns aimed at various audiences. Materials from our latest campaign can be found on this page.

If you’re communicating with external audiences, you can use this content to help align your messaging with that of our current campaign. Content is available for use in brochures, newsletters, websites and more.

Ever Upward Campaign


Every year, thousands of Weber State students overcome obstacles that are in the way of earning their degrees and pursuing their dreams.

Those challenges look different for each person. Some may be the first in their family to pursue a college degree. For others, finances may pose a challenge, or they may be switching career tracks later in life.

The amount of grit and tenacity it takes for a student to make that first step toward pursuing a dream, despite the obstacles — and the dedication it takes to complete that journey — is what we hope to capture in our Ever Upward campaign. Our students’ ability to overcome obstacles will keep them moving, Ever Upward, toward their goals and dreams.

Check out the Ever Upward commercial, or visit the campaign landing page to get an even better idea of the spirit the campaign conveys.

You can use the materials below to help you incorporate that messaging in your own communications to external audiences, while staying true to the campaign’s branding and tone.

If you know someone who captures the spirit of Weber State or have yourself experienced hardships as you've pursued your educational dreams, share your Ever Upward story with us for a chance to win prizes and have your story featured on Weber State’s social media and marketing!

Design Elements

Browse campaign photos, graphics, fonts and colors for download.


Word boxes, badges, mountains and more



We incorporated colors derived from our secondary color palette to reflect the gorgeous surroundings of our region and complement the outdoor imagery showcased in this campaign. They do not replace our regular brand colors.

Pantone 7492

CMYK: 27:10:62:0
RGB: 192:202:128
HEX: #c0ca80

Pantone 556

CMYK: 59:22:53:2
RGB: 112:160:135
HEX: #70a087

Pantone 5545

CMYK: 74:41:64:24
RGB: 67:104:90
HEX: #43685a

Pantone 7472

CMYK: 63:7:34:0
RGB: 90:182:178
HEX: #5ab6b2

Pantone 7475

CMYK: 75:38:47:11
RGB: 70:121:122
HEX: #46797a

Pantone 5415

CMYK: 68:43:30:4
RGB: 93:126:149
HEX: #5d7e95

Pantone 7524

CMYK: 26:76:71:14
RGB: 168:81:71
HEX: #a85147

Pantone 157

CMYK: 3:43:76:0
RGB: 241:159:83
HEX: #f19f53

Pantone 465

CMYK: 25:40:74:3
RGB: 189:149:90
HEX: #bd955a

Pantone 722

CMYK: 18:53:85:2
RGB: 203:130:65
HEX: #cb8241



We added two additional fonts to our regular brand fonts for this campaign, both of which are ideal for phrases that require emphasis, such as headlines and titles. Contact Marketing & Communications for access to these additional font files.


graphic sample of YWFT font characters

Honest Script

graphic sample of YWFT font characters

Voice & Language

To adapt these campaign materials to your specific audience, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Know your audience: We have many high school students, parents, alumni, donors, working professionals, etc. Each of those groups might respond to a different writing approach, tone or word choice.
  • Avoid jargon: Universities have a lot of internal terms that an outside audience may not understand. Try to be as simple and direct as possible. If you must use terms that you didn’t understand before you became familiar with higher education, explain them.
  • Be consistent and professional: Each print piece WSU produces helps reinforce the university’s image. Edit carefully to avoid errors and typos. Use the WSU Writing Style Guide for your publications. It will guide you on proper names for campus buildings, the proper way to format degrees and much more.
  • Incorporate campaign language/phrases: There are a variety of phrases/ideas from the campaign you can use in your own products. Review the following script, which was used for the Ever Upward commercial. The language you use in your products does not need to be taken verbatim from the script, but being familiar with the words and using them when appropriate will help keep the university’s tone and messaging consistent. We particularly recommend using the phrases in bold.