Brand Position

While Weber's brand has existed as long as the university, it's important to identify exactly what it is in order to communicate it properly.

As part of defining our brand, we worked through a process that included creating

  • A university positioning statement
  • A list of key university attributes
  • A value proposition: We provide open access to education and opportunity at a reasonable cost. 

And, finally, our brand essence:

Weber is opportunity.

It's what we do, all the time, in all different ways.

Whether it's as simple as taking your family to an inexpensive basketball game, or as huge as transforming your entire life, it can happen here. 

Every admission we grant, every course we offer, every employee we hire, every event we host, every partnership we create in the community ... all opportunities.

What Now?

This statement — "Weber is opportunity" — will be the foundation of all our communication efforts: from marketing campaigns and recruitment materials, to press releases and newsletter stories, to Facebook and Instagram posts.

No matter the venue or format, we want to make sure that the stories we're telling and the messages we're crafting illustrate and reinforce this idea, in words, in visuals and in tone.

"Opportunity" is our starting point. It helps us focus. At the same time, it allows for a huge range of creativity and possibility.