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Bridget Hilbig

Associate Professor  
TY 415


Thank you for your interest in the BOTANY Scientists program at Weber State. This program is a National Science Foundation funded program aimed at broadening participation in botany through engaged student learning interventions. Plants are integral to our planet and intertwined with human civilization. As humans, we use plants countless times throughout our day, from the food we eat to the air we breath to our scenic views to mitigating the impacts of natural disasters.  We gain so much from plants, and yet there’s still so much that we do not understand about them.  This is particularly the case for modern threats facing society, and plant biologists will serve an integral role in our ability to tackle some of the greatest perils our society is currently seeing. For example, plant biologists must substantially contribute to solving the energy crisis and ameliorating global climate change, achieving global food security for a growing global population, and controlling invasive species. Therefore, the demand for plant biologists is expected to grow 8% between 2014 and 2024. The BOTANY Scientists project serves the national interest by establishing practices to improve student mindset and persistence in botany.

Please direct any questions to me and/or the other BOTANY Scientists faculty listed below.

Supporting Faculty


James Cohen

Assistant Professor,
Plant Taxonomy
TY 424


Barbara Wachocki

TY 417, 801-626-7223