Peer Mentoring

In an effort to create a more inclusive, supportive environment for STEM students, the BOTANY Scientists program has developed a STEM-specific peer mentorship program. This program pairs incoming, or new, STEM majors with more experienced STEM majors. BOTANY scientists peer mentors will help mentees navigate college and build connections. All incoming STEM majors can benefit from peer mentoring!

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Current BOTANY Science Program Mentors

Jinni Messenger Peer Mentor

Jinni Messenger

I’ve always believed in doing the things that light your soul on fire. With mentoring I have been able to be connected to so many more opportunities including scholarships and lots of lovely people.

Saya Barbera Peer Mentor

Saya Barbera

I have been supported immensely by the mentors in my life. I have an incredible network here and I know my experiences here will open up opportunities as I continue my career!





Professor Bridget Hillbig

Having the opportunity to listen to people and help them find a path to their goals is one of the most critical aspects of being a professor and scientist. People have done this for me throughout my career, and I hope to continue to be able to act this way for others.

- Bridget Hilbig, Botany and Plant Ecology Department Chair and Associate Professor




I've been incredibly fortunate to benefit as both a mentee and mentor at every institution I've been at. I attribute a lot of my success to mentorship and building those professional relationships. No one does it alone. Finding the time to connect with mentors and mentees may get lost in the everyday shuffle, but I truly believe it is worth it. Building that network of colleagues and expanding knowledge in different ways opens more doors.

- James Cohen, Botany and Plant Ecology Department Assistant Professor