Best Practices - Tips For A Successful Booth

In general, the most successful booths are ones that offer a unique or clever interactive presentation that helps people remember your department, program or area of campus (i.e., Facilities Management’s toilet seat toss, Health Center’s beer goggles obstacle course, etc.).

Successful booths generate great word of mouth from visitors, which, in turn, attracts even more visitors.

  1. Make sure your booth has great information and provides one-on-one interaction with a personable individual from your department/organization.
  2. Provide some type of food or refreshment (bottled water, cotton candy, snow cones, etc).
  3. Offer an interactive game or activity to make your booth more attractive.
  4. Booths staffed by people in costumes catch people’s eye. Avoid just sitting behind your table. Consider standing in front of your booth to increase interactions with people passing by.
  5. Try to incorporate the theme of this year’s Block Party into your booth and presentation.
  6. Keep it simple and fun. Think of this as an initial introduction.
  7. If you plan on using a laptop computer for a presentation, a canopy is an absolute must. Without something to shield the sun, no one will be able to view your presentation.
  8. Electrical sources are limited; first come – first served! You must provide your own 100-foot power cord. (Laptops must be battery operated.)
  9. Make sure you register your booth by the deadline, or accommodations may not be available.
  10. Games and activities can be rented from Diamond Rental, formerly known as Universal Party. You also can rent a canopy from them. Generic games may be less memorable than developing a unique, department-specific interaction.