Recommended Laptop Specifications for Auto Tech

Operating Systems

  • Windows 10, or Newer

  • Any Mac OS

  • Chrome

    • This OS should be fine for automotive classes but may be lacking for other courses at the university.

  • OS that will not work

    • Windows RT

    • Linux Distributions


Internet Browser

  • Firefox

  • Chrome -- Canvas works best in Chrome or Firefox

    • Chrome can be installed on Mac OS

    • Chrome can’t be installed on Windows RT devices.



  • Adobe Reader

  • Microsoft Office


Web Camera

  • Students are required to take pictures of some projects. A webcam installed on the computer may make it easier to upload pictures. A cell phone with a camera may also be used to take pictures.


The following will NOT WORK

  • iPad any version

  • Android tablet

  • Apple or Android Watch

  • iPhone, Android Phone, or windows phone


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