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Rehabilitation Sciences

All rehabilitation science majors must complete 1 credit of RHS 2890: Introduction to Cooperative Work Experience prior to being accepted into the program (or request a waiver), and a minimum of 3 credits of RHS 4890: Cooperative Work Experience while in the program (no waiver option).


below find a step by step process to register for your internship

  • RHS 2890 Waiver (optional)

    Students have the option to request RHS 2890 to be waived as a required course for the Rehabilitation Sciences (BS) program. Students must email a waiver form to HannahStedge@weber.edu, which verifies that they have previously completed at least 60 hours of shadowing experience with a health care professional. Experiential credit is not an option for this course.

  • Step 1: Know the Credits

    The amount of credits you earn in the course depends on the amount of time you spend at your internship site (1 internship credit is equal to 60 intern-ship hours). You may split up the 3 required credits among semesters.

    For example, you may take 1 credit during the fall semester at one internship site and 2 during the spring semester at a different internship site. You may repeat the course for a maximum of 6 credits.

    Determine how many credits you are going to take for the upcoming semester. When deciding the total number of credits to take for RHS 4890, check with
    your faculty advisor first to confirm that you will have enough upper-division credits (40 minimum) to graduate. Remember, you must complete 60 internship hours for each registered credit hour. There is a grade penalty for not reaching the internship hours you initially committed. Therefore, it is important that you have enough room in your schedule for the amount of internship hours decide to take.


  • Step 2: Choose a Location 

    Locate a clinical site to do your internship. These sites are self-selected by the student, but if you need help finding a clinical site you can contact Dr. Hannah Stedge at HannahStedge@weber.edu and/or review the list of clinical sites students have interned at in the past.

    Past Internship Sites

    Please note—

    Some internship sites may require students to provide immunization records, complete a background check, complete a drug test, and/or complete re-quired trainings. 

    All expenses associated with internships are the stu-dent's responsibility. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, most clinical sites are also requiring their employees and interns to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.


  • Step 3: Documents 

    The following documents will need to be reviewed and/or completed for your internship:

    • Download the internship manual for either RHS 2890 or RHS 4890 and review the course content and assignments.
    • Print the appropriate internship contract, depending on whether your internship will be paid or unpaid. 
    • Complete the contract, sign it, have your internship supervisor (the AT, PT, OT, PA, MD, etc. who will be supervising you on your internship) sign it, and then scan it (as a PDF) and email it to the course instructor:
    • After you have submitted your contract, the course instructor will contact you letting you know that they have submitted an override to allow you to register for the course.


  • Start Early (optional)

    You can begin your internship hours prior to the beginning of the semester in which you will register. However, you must first contact the course instructor and submit your signed contract prior to beginning. You cannot get credit for hours earned prior to submitting a contract.

    For example, you could bring your contract to the course in-structor in May and register for the Fall semester. This would allow you to begin your internship in May and have until the end of the Fall semester to complete your hours. While you can begin your hours early, you MUST finish them on time (by the last day of final exams of the semester in which you are registered).

apply, visit, call, or email—get the info you need today