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Caring for athletes and patients worldwide by providing the next generation of healthcare workers. Be one of them. Be Brilliant.

Read below for information on applications, eligibility, prerequisite requirements, and more.


The information below is dedicated to our Bachelor of Science program in Rehabilitation Sciences. 

For more information on our Bachelor of Integrated Studies, Sports Medicine Emphasis, please visit our degree pageFor more information regarding our graduate program admissions, please visit weber.edu/msat.

  to be considered for admission to the Rehabilitation Sciences program, please follow the steps below 

  • Step 1: Enroll & Advise

    Enroll at Weber State University

    Weber State University (WSU) is an open-enrollment university, you can apply anytime by visiting the link above. 

    Don't forget, once a Wildcat always a Wildcat. If you've taken a WSU course in the past (including concurrently) please visit Return to Weber for more information. 

    Once you are admitted to WSU, meet with our College Advisement Office to discuss our program and require-ments. 

    Advising Information 

    After a student enrolls at WSU, they should declare Rehabiliation Sciences (RHS) as their major before proceeding to step 2. Students should contact Dr. Hannah Stedge at HannahStedge@weber.edu once they are officially ready to decalre RHS as their major.

    PLEASE NOTE: In May 2021 the Athletic Therapy major was renamed Rehabilitation Sciences. Therefore, any undeclared students who are interested in this degree field should declare Rehabilitation Sciences as their major and pursue this new program of study. 

    Students who declared Athletic Therapy as their ma-jor prior to May 2021 will be allowed to continue the former curriculum of the Athletic Therapy program. These students will have until Summer 2025 to fulfill the graduation requirements. After that time, the Athletic Therapy program will expire and remaining Athletic Therapy majors will automatically be transitioned to Rehabilitation Sciences majors.


  • Step 2: Prerequisites

    Athletic Therapy (AT)

    Complete 25 credit hours with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. Of these 25 credits, students must demonstrate completion of: 

    • HTHS 1110 LS: Integrated Hu-man Anatomy & Physiology I (4) and HTHS 1111: Integrated Anatomy & Physiology II (4) OR ZOOL 2100: Human Anatomy (4) and ZOOL 2200: Human Physiology (4) 
    • NUTR 1020 LS: Science and Application of Human Nutrition (3) 
    • PSY 1010 SS: Introductory Psychology (3)
    • RHS 1550: Introduction to Athletic Therapy (1) 
    • RHS 3300: Evaluation and Care of Musculoskeletal Injuries: Lower Extremities (3)
      Athletic Therapy Checklist


    Rehabilitation Sciences (RHS)

    Complete 25 credit hours with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. Of these 25 credits, students must demonstrate completion of: 

    • HTHS 1110 LS: Integrated Anatomy & Physiology I (4) and HTHS 1111: Integrated Anatomy & Physiology II (4) OR ZOOL 2100: Human Anatomy (4) and ZOOL 2200: Human Physiology (4) 
    • HTHS 1101: Medical Terminology (2)
    • RHS 1550: Introduction to Rehabilitation Sciences (2)
    • RHS 2175: Introduction to Sports Medicine (3)
    • RHS 2890: Introduction to Cooperative Work Experience (1) 
    • RHS 1300: First Aid Responding to Emergencies OR RHS 2300: Emergency Responses (3) OR PAR 1000/1001: Emergency Medical Technician and Lab (6)

    See our Rehabilitation Science Checklist.

  • Step 3: Program Application

    Applications will be accepted within the first four weeks of each semester. Application deadlines are: 

    • July 1st (fall semester)
    • October 1st (spring semester)
    • February 1st (summer semester)

    Students who fail to meet admission requirements will not be allowed to enroll in upper division RHS courses (3000 to 4000 level).

    When you are ready to apply, please follow the link to the online application system (below). Please note that a $25 processing fee is due (via credit/debit card) before your application can be submitted.




    Once your application is received by the Program Director Dr. Hannah Stedge (HannahStedge@weber.edu), she will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss your admission into the program.











after students are selected for the program, retention in the program will be based on the following  

  • Criteria

    The following is for retention of program admissions:

  • Probationary Action

    Students who fail to meet the retention crite-ria will be placed on probation in the Athletic Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences major for one semester. If standards are not met by the end of the probationary period, the student may be dismissed from the major at the discretion fo the program director.




  • Repeating Courses

    Students who receive any grade below a B- in an athletic therapy and rehabilitation sciences major course must repeat that course, and receive a grade of B- or higher to remain in the major.

    Students who receive any grade below a C in an athletic therapy/rehabilitation sciences support course or elective must repeat that course, and re-ceive a grade of C or higher to remain in the major.

    Failure to repeat a course (when offered) will result in dismissal from the program at the discretion of the program director.



contact our academic advisors for course advisement, admission assistance, or general program questions 

DCHP Office of Admissions Advisement

General Health Professions Advisement


Marriott Health Building
Room 108

Hannah Stedge

Rehabilitation Sciences Program Director


SW Building
Room 219

Justin Valdez

Academic Advisor & Recruiter


SW Building
Room 218



apply, visit, call or email—get the info you need today