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Faculty & Staff


Joel Bass MS, LAT, ATC

Adjunct Instructor of Athletic Training
Phone: 801-626-6501

Alysia Cohen PhD, MPH, ATC

Assistant Professor of Athletic Training
Office: SW 221
Phone: 801-626-7115

Matthew Donahue PhD, LAT, ATC

Associate Professor of Athletic Training
Graduate Athletic Training Program Director
Undergraduate Athletic Training Director

Office: SW 223
Phone: 801-626-7389

  Matt’s Website

Conrad Gabler PhD, LAT, ATC

Assistant Professor of Athletic Training
Athletic Therapy Program Director
Clinical Education Coordinator

Office: SW 222
Phone: 801-626-8831

Valerie W. Herzog EdD, LAT, ATC

Professor of Athletic Training
Chair, Department of Athletic Training 

Office: SW 224
Phone: 801-626-7656

  Valerie’s Website

Hannah Stedge MS, ATC, CKTP

Instructor of Athletic Training
Office: SW 219
Phone: 801-626-6734

Les Stone BS, EMT-B

Adjunct Instructor of Athletic Training
Phone: 801-829-2023



Kayla Humiston

Administrative Specialist
Office: SW 218
Phone: 801-626-8631