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Be Brilliant with an accelerated degree.

Earn both your Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences (RHS) AND your Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) degrees in just 5 years in this unique 3+2 program (3 years of undergraduate coursework and 2 years of graduate coursework)! Reduce your tuition by a full year and start your career as an Athletic Trainer a year sooner!




  • Our Rehabilitation Sciences and Master of Science in Athletic Training degree combination is designed to help you thoroughly prepare for your career as an Athletic Trainer.
  • Our graduates report high rates of satisfaction with the curriculum and program and now work in a variety of settings including with professional sports (NBA, MLB, MLS, NFL), universities (every major university in Utah and others outside of Utah as well), in high schools, and with orthopedic surgeons.
  • The Master of Science in Athletic Training program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE)


The Rehabilitation Sciences and Master of Science in Athletic Training degree duo will focus on core competencies like: 

  • Emergency Care
  • Orthopedic Evaluation and Diagnosis
  • General medical conditions
  • Healthcare management
  • Injury prevention
  • Theapeutic modalities
  • Therapeutic rehabilitation including manual therapy
  • Advanced skills including suturing, casting, and reducing dislocations

Earning your RHS and MSAT, you'll be able ready for AT job opportunities with:

  • Professional sports
  • Extreme sports
  • College/university sports
  • High school sports
  • Orthopedic surgery clinics
  • Outpatient rehabilitation clinics
  • Industrial settings (Boeing, Delta, Amazon)
  • Doctoral programs

The average starting salary for this degree varies greatly depending on location, experience level and choice of employment. 



Before you begin, get to know what is required for these degrees  

  • Year 1

    Work on RHS coursework and complete general education requirements. Complete the courses below by the end of year 1:

    • HTHS 1101: Medical Terminology (2)
    • RHS 1550 - Introduction to Rehabilitation Sciences (2 credits)
    • RHS 2175- Introduction to Sports Medicine (3 credits)
    • RHS 2890 - Introduction to Cooperative Work Experience (1 credit) (Earn at least 50 AT Observation hours in RHS 2890)
    • HTHS 1101 - Medical Terminology (2 credits)
    • HTHS 1110 - Integrated Human Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credits)
    • HTHS 1111 - Integrated Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credits)
    • RHS 1300, 2300, OR PAR 1000 & 1001 - First Aid and CPR/BLS or EMT
    • CHEM 1010, 1110, or 1200 - Chemistry (3-5 credits)

    Spring Semester of Year 1 - Apply to 3+2 RHS/MSAT Program through ATCAS by January 15th.  Students can apply at the end of Year 2 or 3 as well (also by January 15th), but we recommend applying as early as possible to ensure that they're on track to finish in 5 years.  Minimum Overall GPA = 3.2

  • Years 2 & 3

    Work on RHS coursework. Complete all general education requirements and
    MSAT prerequisites by the end of Year 3 (prior to beginning the MSAT program).
    Students must maintain a 3.2 GPA throughout their undergraduate degree to remain in the 3+2 program.

  • Year 4

    • Begin the MSAT program (Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters)
    • Several of the MSAT courses (up to 25 credits) will also be applied to completing requirements within the RHS program.  Earn your bachelor's degree in Rehabilitation Sciences at the end of your fourth year.

    Note: Beginning in Year 4, students will pay MSAT tuition and fees and will be considered graduate students for all financial aid.






  • Year 5

    • Complete the second year of the MSAT program (Fall and Spring semesters)
    • Earn your Master of Science in Athletic Training degree at the end of your fifth year!
      • Graduate at the end of the spring semester and present your thesis at a professional conference!

Great care is in demand. Be Brilliant.

Meet with an academic advisor or program director to get started today! 


Visit our admissions page and start your application today.


We are here to help you! If you have questions or are interested in learning more about our RHS + MSAT degrees, please connect with us today and start pursuing your dream tomorrow! 

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Margarita López     

Academic Advisor    



Swenson Building (SW)

Room 218


Dr. Conrad Gabler

MSAT Program Director



Swenson Building (SW)

Room 222



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