Program Review

Suggested Questions For Program Review Evaluation Team Members

(Revised June 2004)

Suggested Questions For Reviewers to ask faculty members and students in providing on-site information.

Questions for program department chair

  1. What are the mission, goals, and objectives of the program?
  2. How are program goals and objectives assessed?
  3. Whom does the program serve?
  4. What are the special/unique features of the program?
  5. What relationships exist between the program and external communities?
  6. Is there an advisory committee? Is it active? What is the meeting frequency?
  7. Are any major curriculum changes planned? What? When to implement?
  8. Is a continuous improvement plan in place? How is it impacting the curriculum?
  9. How much time and what resources are available to the faculty for professional development?
  10. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various support departments?
  11. Who is responsible for certifying that students have completed requirements before graduating?
  12. What are the hiring criteria for adjunct faculty?
  13. What type of new faculty orientation is provided to full-time and adjunct faculty?
  14. How is the effectiveness of faculty determined in the areas of teaching, service, and scholarship?
  15. What are the program's advising procedures?

Questions for individual faculty members

  1. How much time and what resources are available for professional development?
  2. How many faculty members teach in this program?
  3. Is the administration supportive of the program?
  4. Does the program provide appropriate procedures for orientation of new faculty?
  5. What professional organizations are you a member of? Are you active? Hold any offices?
  6. What are the student learning outcomes for this program? How are they assessed?
  7. How are the results of the student learning outcomes assessment used?
  8. How do you go about obtaining needed equipment?
  9. Is there an effective process for faculty evaluation?
  10. What unique or unusual teaching methods are used in your department?
  11. Are there formal relationships between the program and external communities?
  12. What is the role of the faculty in curriculum revision?
  13. What changes should be made to improve the program? To improve the facilities?
  14. What advising opportunities are available to the students?
  15. What is the role of the faculty in student advising?
  16. Is there adequate secretarial and computing service available to you for preparing examinations, handouts, demonstrations, etc.?
  17. How large are the classes?
  18. Is a continuous improvement plan in place? How is it impacting the curriculum?

Questions for students – groups or individual

  1. Are the faculty members in the program competent in their fields?
  2. Are faculty members available to you at times convenient to you?
  3. Are adequate advisement opportunities made available to you?
  4. If you have laboratories, are they well equipped? Do you get hands-on experience?
  5. Do faculty provide effective delivery of instruction?
  6. Do you plan to continue your education after graduation? When? Where?
  7. Do you plan to accept a job after graduation? When? Where?
  8. What is your overall view of the program? Would you recommend it to a friend?