About the Program Director:

Todd Oberndorfer, Arts Outreach Manager, Department of Visual Art & Design

Oberndorfer is the Arts Outreach Manager and Advisor for WSU's Department of Visual Art & Design. Todd's passion for storytelling led him to co-found the Banyan Collective in 2010, a media company that specializes in arts & adventure podcasting. He hosts the Nine Rails Arts Podcast, and co-hosts Van Sessions and the Ogden Outdoor Adventure show. Oberndorfer is past chair of the Ogden City Arts Advisory Committee and member of the Ogden City Arts Public Art Subcommittee.

He holds an MA in Arts Administration from Southern Utah University and a BFA in 2D Media from Weber State University.


About the Program Founder:

Dr. Kathryn L. MacKay, Professor of History at Weber State University

MacKay has taught Art History and is a member of the Weber Arts Council. At Weber State University, her research and teaching focus on a broad range of topics including: Native Americans, Women in History, The American West and Public History. Mackay holds a bachelor's degree from the University of California at Los Angeles and a M.A. and Ph.D, from the University of Utah.