Private/Semi-Private Swim Lessons


Register/Purchase Swim Lessons 


Private Lessons

# of Lessons Student Faculty/Staff Community
3 $45 $50 $55
6 $90 $95 $100
10 $150 $155 $160

Semi-Private Lessons (2-3 participants required)

# of Lessons Student Faculty/Staff Community
3 $24/person $27/person $30/person
6 $48/person $54/person $60/person
10 $80/person $90/person $100/person

* Semi Private can have up to 3 participants, all must be of similar swimming ability, and the Aquatics program does not pair you with other participants (you must provide all the participants for the lessons). 


How do I get started?
Purchase your private lesson package online.  For semi-private packages, each participant must register separately.

What's happens after I purchase my lesson package?
You will receive a phone call from the Swim Lesson Supervisor to discuss your preferred lesson times, then we will cross check that with instructor schedules to assign an instructor.

Where can I park on campus for my swim lesson session?
Students, faculty, and staff may park in lots that comply with their University parking pass.  If you don't have a parking pass, you may visit the on-campus Information Booth for a pass that allows you complimentary access to parking during your personal training session.  Please let your instructor know if you need parking passes for your sessions.  

What time can I do lessons? 

You can schedule lessons anytime within building hours (5:30am-10:30pm) with the exception of scheduled class times, aquafit and group swim lessons. To check out our full pool schedule, go to our main webpage at 

How quickly will my lessons be scheduled?

Expect a turn around time of a few days to a week. The program is run by students and it may take a few days to find an instructor available for lessons. 

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