Pool Policies

Swenson Pool Rules and Regulations

General Procedures for Admitting Patrons

All persons using the aquatics facility during recreational swim (lap swimming and open swim) must swipe their Wildcat Card at the CSC Service Desk. Once they are at the pool area they must sign-in on the iPad with their W Number or as a Guest.

Participants of academic classes, Campus Recreation classes, and rental groups do not need to sign in; however, the lifeguard on duty must obtain a patron count for these activities.

All patrons should take a cleansing shower before entering the pool. This assists in keeping the pool clean and reduces activation of the chlorine, which in turn reduces the likelihood of itching skin.

General Pool Rules

  1. No running on the pool deck
  2. No horseplay or rough play with the exception of supervised water sports
  3. No diving in any part of the pool.
  4. Minors under age 8 must be accompanied in the water by an adult 18 years or older
  5. Minors under age 16 must be accompanied in the facility by an adult.
  6. Minors under age 16 should not be left unattended for any reason.
  7. Children under the age of 3 must wear a swim diaper and plastic pants.
  8. Patrons must take a cleansing shower before entering the pool.
  9. A person having any exposed wounds including open blisters, cuts, or other lesions may not use the pool. This includes persons with communicable disease.
  10. Any person suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be prohibited from entering the facility.
  11. No smoking anywhere in the facility.
  12. No glass containers, food, or gum will be allowed in the pool area.
  13. Participants are required to wear appropriate swim attire. Street clothing such as cut-offs, sweatpants, basketball shorts, and long sleeve shirts are prohibited. Sports bras may be worn if they are a dark color and provide appropriate coverage. Jewelry is subject to lifeguard approval.
  14. No abusive or profane language will be tolerated in the facility.
  15. Inappropriate physical contact in the pool will not be tolerated.

Additional Lap Swim Rules

  1. The maximum capacity of the pool is 100 persons.
  2. The maximum lane capacity is 4 persons per lane, except supervised water sports
  3. Circle swimming is required in a lane for more than 2 swimmers
  4. Minors are not allowed to swim during lap swim times unless they are able to swim the length of the pool, are accompanied by a parent or guardian, and are not causing distractions for other lap swimmers.
  5. Hanging on ropes or lane lines is prohibited.

Additional Open Swim Rules

  1. The maximum capacity of the pool is 100 persons
  2. Toys must not obstruct a lifeguard’s view
  3. No Diving is allowed
  4. No climbing or playing on handrails
  5. All outside aquatic toys or equipment must be approved by the Head Guard before being allowed into the pool

Pool Sound System

The pool sound system is a Bluetooth speaker connected to the Aquatics iPad. Music is played using the Pandora App.

  1. May be on during recreational swim times.  Please keep the volume at an appropriate level and appropriate station.
  2. Should be turned off during classes and workshops, unless requested by the instructor.
  3. Is to be turned off when the pool is not in use.

Aquatic Classes and Workshop Procedures

  1. Lifeguards are to follow on-chair duties and guidelines.
  2. Turn Sound System off, or change to the Instructor’s preferred station.
  3. During a class period, the lifeguard should be positioned to oversee the entire pool area.
  4. Instructors are directly responsible for the safety and conduct of their class.
  5. It is the lifeguard's responsibility to assure that all pool rules and regulations are followed.  Lifeguards are to assist the instructor in maintaining a safe environment, not teaching.
  6. During class periods, the lifeguard may assist the instructor in setting up or securing any additional equipment that may be needed.  It is the instructor's responsibility to make sure the equipment is returned to its proper storage space.