Swim Lessons General Information

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Level Descriptions

  • Classes are offered for all ages and all levels of swimming skills from water adjustment through pre-competition. 
  • Not all levels will be available each session.
  • The ability to perform specified aquatic skills will determine the level into which the student is placed. Each student will be tested on the first day to ensure that they are placed in the correct class. This decision will be made by the program coordinator and/or the instructor.

Parent and Child Aquatics

Parent/Child Levels 1 & 2

This course is designed for children age 6mo-3yrs and their parents. Parents will learn effective ways to hold children in the water, basic water safety guidelines, and fun games to play with children. Children will learn basic water adjustment skills including floating with support, bubble blowing, underwater exploration, and more. Recommended ratio is 1 instructor to 8 participants.

Pre-School Aquatics (PSA)

  • PSA Level 1: This is an Introduction to Water course designed for children age 3 - 5yrs. Participants will learn basic water safety rules and water adjustment skills including blowing bubbles, submerging face, bobbing, floating on front and back with support, kicking, and moving through water comfortably. Recommended ratio is 1 instructor to 4-6 participants.

  • PSA Level 2: This course builds on skills learned in PSA Level 1 with an emphasis on becoming independent in the water. Skills include submerging head to retrieve underwater objects, front and back floats, glides, and alternating arm and leg action on front and back with little to no support. Recommended ratio is 1 instructor to 4-6 participants.

Learn to Swim (LTS)

  • LTS Level 1: This course is designed for children age 6-10yrs who are new to swimming. Participants learn several skills including basic water safety rules, floating with little support, and moving through the water on the front and the back. Recommended ratio is 1 instructor to 6-10 participants.
  • LTS Level 2: This course is designed for children age 6-10yrs who have mastered the skills taught in LTS Level 1 and children ages 4-5yrs that have completed PSA Level 2. Skills include front crawl and back crawl, treading water, rhythmic breathing, and deep water exploration. Recommended ratio is 1 instructor to 6-10 participants.
  • LTS Level 3: This course is designed for children age 6-10yrs who are comfortable swimming front and back crawl without support. Skills include rotary breathing, swimming distances of up to 15 yards, elementary backstroke, breaststroke kick, and basic dives. Recommended ratio is 1 instructor to 6-10 participants.
  • LTS Level 4: This course is designed for children age 6-10yrs who are able to swim front crawl, back crawl, and elementary backstroke across the length of the pool. Level 4 focuses on stroke technique and endurance. New skills include breaststroke, butterfly, open turns, and dives. Recommended ratio is 1 instructor to 6-10 participants.


This course combines the Level 5 and 6 courses and is geared to prepare students for swim teams. All lane lines will be in the pool. Instructors will go over techniques such as: flip turns, starts, stroke development, circle swimming, and endurance.

Adult LTS

This course is designed for teens and adults of all skill abilities from beginner to advanced. This course is designed to meet the individual goals of participants in a small group learning environment. Possible skills include basic water adjustment, floating, front and back crawl, treading water, stroke technique, endurance, and individualized workout plans. The instructor participant ratio will be no more than 1:4.


Parking on campus is free after 4 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends. The best place to park for swim lessons is the A7 parking lot, right next to the building. If your class is before 4 p.m., you may park in the metered spots in the A7 lot, or stop by the on-campus Information Booth to purchase a $2 day pass for the A7 lot. 

General Policies

Non-transferable Sessions

Swim Lesson packages may not be transferred from one participant to another.  Sessions must be used by the original client.


Participants are required to wear appropriate swim attire. Street clothing such as cut-offs, sweatpants, basketball shorts, and long sleeve shirts are prohibited. Sports bras may be worn if they are a dark color and provide appropriate coverage. Jewelry is subject to lifeguard approval.


Rescheduling or canceling a session must be done 24 hours prior to your scheduled session.  If cancellation occurs in less than 24 hours in advance, clients will be charged for the session.


Refunds are not provided for swim lesson packages. However, exceptions may be provided upon extenuating circumstances.

  • Lessons will not be offered during current open/lap swim times except in extenuating circumstances.
  • If an academic class requests the pool, any scheduled lessons will be re-scheduled for a different time.
  • A lifeguard will be present for all swim lessons. If a lifeguard is unavailable during a requested time slot, the lesson will be rescheduled.