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President’s Letter

Dear Weber State Family,

Reflecting on the hopes and aspirations that we had a year ago for our 2019–20 academic year, we, like each of you, never imagined what would transpire. Today, though the world looks quite different than it did last year, we’re still hopeful. Through the coronavirus pandemic, calls for racial and social justice, and major economic disruptions, Weber State University has maintained a trajectory that is ever upward, focused on meeting our students where they are and working with them to achieve their desired destinations.

Together we have navigated changing circumstances to accomplish milestones. Our faculty and staff are more committed than ever to providing rich, individualized experiences. They are focused on igniting the power within each student to unleash their creative thinking and engaged problem-solving potential to address challenges of our times within our communities and beyond.

While there is still much work to do, I maintain that telling our own story louder and prouder — and you sharing our story far and wide — accelerates our vision to guide students of all backgrounds from where they are to where they want to be.

Within our award-winning annual report, you will have the chance to celebrate many of the outstanding accomplishments from this past year, from university recognitions to regional and national accolades. You will also meet many of our inspiring students who refuse to allow the difficult times we find ourselves in to halt their path to success, as well as the faculty and staff who support them every step of the way.

Weber State has a rich tradition of not only overcoming historic challenges but also emerging from each as an institution better poised to thrive in the future. It is our intent to do it again as we culminate our comprehensive strategic planning efforts in the months ahead. We enter the fall with a wind of support at our back to thrive through in-person and digital environments. We are optimistic in our ability to adapt to changing financial conditions and strive to overcome the pandemic and promote social mobility.

Your ongoing support has proven to be so pivotal to our success. I hope you revel in the accomplishments within this report as much as I do.

I look forward to the bright future that we will ignite for Weber State, together.