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Aletheia is a group of requirements for students who receive the Presidential Scholarship. By taking an Honors course, reading books, sharing ideas and taking part in service and social opportunities, you'll not only enhance your experience at Weber State University but also foster friendships.

What Does "Aletheia" Mean

Aletheia is a Greek word typically translated as “truth,” or “reality.” However, as the 20th Century philosopher Martin Heidegger observed, Aletheia’s original meaning implies discovery or disclosure, a concept that is more aligned with the traditions of education and enlightenment. Weber State University selected this word to identify its own academic honor society because it incorporates the active scholarship that characterizes outstanding student learning.

As a tangible symbol of Aletheia, a handsome medallion has been created. The front side encircles “Aletheia” with the words “Truth,” “Wisdom” and “Enlightenment” and two olive branches, universal symbols of peace, as a reminder that peace and tolerance come from understanding. The other face of the coin depicts the passing of the light of knowledge from one hand to another. The perimeter consists of synonyms for Aletheia in modern and ancient languages, suggesting that wisdom is shared across cultures and across time.

Those students who participate in Aletheia will receive a key-chain with the medallion at the time of induction. Students who continue their participation through graduation will be recognized with a larger medallion with a tricolored ribbon of blue, white and yellow, to wear during the graduation ceremonies. The colors of the ribbon, like the symbols on the medallion itself, represent wisdom and truth in many world cultures.

The medallion and ribbon are keepsakes to encourage Aletheia members to continue the pursuit of truth as Weber State University alumni.