Weber State Undertakes Strategic Planning Process in 2020

This year, Weber State University will be developing a new comprehensive strategic plan for the university.

The Goal

The goal of this process is to identify our institutional strengths and build on that foundation to inform Weber State’s priorities and goals for the next five years.

It will be an open and collaborative process that focuses on creative, realistic and measurable ways to plan for WSU’s future. 

During this process, we’ll ask questions such as: What are our fundamental beliefs? Whom do we serve? What do we have to do to achieve our mission and move forward?

By the end of this process, we’ll know what our desired outcomes are, and how to achieve those outcomes. 

The Process

Dr. John Welty with AASCU-Penson has agreed to facilitate the process of developing an updated strategic plan for our institution. Dr. Welty served as president of California State University, Fresno, and has engaged in strategic planning processes in the state of Utah. Dr. Welty has developed a timeline for the strategic planning process, with the goal of having a new plan in place by Spring 2021. 

Dr. Welty facilitated meetings with stakeholders in April via Zoom. 

The University Planning Council (UPC) formed a sub-committee to review the data collected from these strategic planning sessions and other data pertinent to the planning process. 

From the collected data, the UPC revised the university's foundational statements (Mission, Vision, Values) and developed five goal categories in which a majority of the data collected fell.  These categories included:

1) Retention and Completion Rates 

2) Diversify Students, Faculty, Staff, and Increase Commitment to Equity 

3) Institutionalize and Grow Anchor Mission - Build Community Resources

4) Enhanced Personal Contact and Academic Excellence

5) Marketing/Branding of University

The UPC followed with forming a task force for each goal category.  The role of the task force is to form a goal statement, desired outcomes, and strategies.  

At each step of the process, there is a campus-wide town hall held to gather feedback on that step.  To date, the UPC held town halls to gather feedback on the revised foundational statements and the task forces' work.  

The UPC as a whole and task forces then returned to scheduled meetings to review the town hall feedback to further refine the work. 

What's Next?

The task forces will develop strategies to help achieve the desired outcomes and overall goals for the five goal categories.  Then, the UPC will hold another town hall to review the strategies and provide feedback.

In early Spring 2021, the UPC-approved drafts will move to the university's Board of Trustees for review and final approval. 


This is an important process for the university, and we want to make sure your voice is included. You are welcome to provide feedback on the process by emailing

If you have additional questions/concerns, please contact Steven Richardson, Director of Strategic Initiatives at

Thanks for your ongoing efforts to help shape WSU’s future.

This page will serve as a resource for updates throughout the planning process.

Last updated December 14, 2020.

Anticipated Timeline

Phase One:

February/March 2020
(Getting Started)

Phases Two and Three:

Constituent Feedback and Research
April 2020
(Nuts and Bolts)

Phases Four to Six:

Constituent Feedback, Task Force, Drafting, Plan Review
April - December 2020
(Nuts and Bolts)

Phase Seven:

Finalize Plan
January/February 2021
(Bells and Whistles)


Spring 2021