2004 Northwest Accreditation Review

The Accreditator Super Challenge

Rules & Information

Answer the questions online daily to accumulate points and win outstanding prizes.


Event Schedule:    
Super Challenge Week One January 26 -30 Standards 1 and 9
Super Challenge Week Two February 2 - 6 Standard 2
Super Challenge Week Three February 9 -13 Standard 3
Super Challenge Week Four February 17 - 20 Standards 4 and 6
Super Challenge Week Five February 23 - 27 Standard 5
Super Challenge Week Six March 1 - 5 Standards 7 and 8
Final Super Challenge March 8 Any Standard


Rules of the Game:

  • The self-study is in draft form and changes are constantly being made, therefore all answers must come from the self-study draft online, a hard copy of the draft self-study or from other information provided on the accreditation web page. https://www.weber.edu/Accreditation/super_challenge04.html
  • In order to participate you must be a current member of the WSU faculty, staff, or students
  • Limited to one entry per person per day.
  • You may only participate in one of the following categories:
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Student
  • Answers must be received each day by 9:00 P.M.
  • Members of the Accreditation Steering Committee are ineligible.

General Information:

  1. One “Challenge” question worth 50 points and one “Super Challenge” question worth 100 points will be posted to the “Super Challenge: web page at https://www.weber.edu/Accreditation/super_challenge04.html and on the WSU Bulletins daily. 
  2. Bonus questions worth 10-15 points will be posted randomly each week. 
  3. One final “Super Challenge” question worth 500 points will be posted on the last day of the competition (March 8, 2004). 
  4. Cumulative totals for each category (faculty, students and staff) will be posted at the beginning the each week on the “Super Challenge” web page https://www.weber.edu/Accreditation/super_challenge04.html. Also, the answers to the questions each week will be posted the following week.
    Final results will be announced on March 10,2004.
  5. Each week prizes will randomly be awarded from that week’s correct answers. Types of prizes will be movie bucks, gift certificates, restaurant certificates, tickets for the performing arts, WSU Bookstore Weber Wear, basketball tickets, flash drives, etc.
  6. A grand prize will be awarded for first place in each category (faculty, student and staff). Grand Prizes:
    • Faculty – A weekend get-away to the Washington School Inn Bed & Breakfast in Park City
    • Student – A weekend get-away to the Washington School Inn Bed & Breakfast in Park City
    • Staff – A weekend get-away to the Washington School Inn Bed & Breakfast in Park City
  7. All prizes must be claimed from the Office of Academic Affairs in the Miller Administration Building Room 306.