2004 Northwest Accreditation Review

Required and Suggested Exhibits

1. Statement of degree objectives for each program Web link
Exhibit binders
2. Description of curriculum development bodies and advisory groups with
rules of procedure and recent minutes
Web link
Exhibit binders
3. Complete department or program self-studies prepared for part of this
Web link
Self study
4. Evaluation forms and summary reports of student evaluations of faculty
and courses
Standard Two
exhibit binders
Dean's &
Chair's offices
5. Self study and evaluation committee reports from external reviews and
the most professional accreditation visits and documentation of
resulting actions

Program Review
Self study

6. Criteria and Procedures for admission and retention of students,
maintenance of student records, and awarding of credit, including credit for
prior experiential learning
Web link
7. Policies regarding transfer of credit, including articulation agreements with
other institutions
Web link
8. Policies regarding remedial work Web link
9. Description of materials and forms used in academic advisement process Web link
Standard Two
& Three self
study appendices
10. Grade distribution studies Exhibit binders
11. Policies governing public service Web link
1. Compilation of entering freshman student ability measures
2. Samples of course examinations and other instruments used to access
student achievement or competency and, when possible, available work
products determined to be of different levels of quality
3. Funds devoted to research for each of the past three years, principal
source of funds
1. Policy on the acceptance of graduate credit, including transfer credit Self Study
2. Policy on the granting of credit for internships, field experience, or clinical
Self Study
Continuing Education
1. Catalogs, brochures, announcements and class schedules for special
Concurrent Enrollment
Continuing Education Home Page
Distance Learning Catalog
Early Access
Early Access Options Brochure
Faculty Mentor Training in Online Teaching
Health Care Coding
Professional Development
The North American Interdisciplinary Conference on Envir. & Community
Utah Law Enforcement Academy
5th Annual Quality Month Symposium
Web links
2. Policies regarding award of credit based on prior experiential learning,
including the distribution of credits, by term, for the past two years
Web links
3. Policies that address all elements of 2.A.10 regarding award of credit Web link
Exhibit binders
4. List of all courses and programs taught by nontraditional instructional
formats for the past three years, indicating the course, type and duration
of instruction, number of credits, enrollment, and location.
Exhibit binders
5. Budgetary information and financial arrangements relating to continuing
education and special learning activities
Exhibit binders
6. Studies demonstrating comparability of outcomes for courses or programs
offered under concentration or accelerated time frames, or other
nontraditional instructional formats
Exhibit binders
7. Policies regarding admission, transfer of prior earned credit, credit by
examination e.g. CLEP, experiential learning
Web link
Exhibit binders
8. Sample transcript with explanation of codes Exhibit binders
9. Contractual agreements Exhibit binders
10. Criteria and procedures for admission of students Web link
Exhibit binders
11. Catalogs, brochures, and announcements
Continuing Education Home Page
Professional Development
Online and Independent Study
Early College
Web links
See CE exhibit #1
12. Criteria and procedures for registration of students Web link
Exhibit binders
13. Procedures for involving appropriate institutional personnel Exhibit binders