College Opportunities and Cultivating Habits Podcasts

C.O.A.C.H, which stands for College Opportunities and Cultivating Habits, is a podcast designed to help college students enhance their study skills and give them the resources they need to become successful students.

Created by Academic Peer Coaches at Weber State University, C.O.A.C.H. aims to make college just a little bit easier by providing students with a wide variety of tips to help any student succeed. From help with procrastination to campus resources, C.O.A.C.H is the perfect podcast for WSU Wildcats wanting to take their grades from average to great, great, great!

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E1: Welcome to C.O.A.C.H!

On the first episode of our podcast, we introduce ourselves, our program, and what you can expect from C.O.A.C.H Podcast!

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E2: How Can a Coach Help Me?

In episode 2 of C.O.A.C.H, we will discuss why having a coach can be an important piece to your college success.

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E3: Mindfulness (Motivation Series 1)

In episode 3 of C.O.A.C.H, the coaches will be discussing mindfulness and how it is linked to your motivation.

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E4: Textbook Reading Made Easy 

In this episode, the coaches share their textbook horror stories, introduce the SQ3R Method, and discuss what to avoid when reading textbooks.

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E5: The Power of Intentions

In this episode, the coaches discuss how being intentional can benefit you and your schoolwork, as well as how you can begin your journey of being more intentional.

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E6: The One Notebook to Rule Them All (Student Stories 1)

The coaches read real-life student stories and share their advice.

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E7: How to ACT on Your Procrastination!

Procrastination is something that almost every student struggles with. Join the coacheswhile they cover overcoming procrastination.

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E8: Cramming for Tests

The coaches discuss how if you are going to cram, you may as well do it right (or as right as you can get with cramming).

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E9: How to Survive (And Thrive) in Online Classes

Online/Virtual classes have become more popular since the pandemic. Learn new skills in order to be successful.

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E10: Campus Resources

Listen in to see if you know about all the incredible resources Weber State has to offer!

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E11: What You Need to Know About Tutoring

Ben Packard from the Ogden Learning Center talks about his role as a tutor, how you can find a tutor for FREE.

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E12: How to Improve Your Note-Taking

The coaches discuss common pitfalls that students make when taking notes, and share how you can take your notes from "just okay" to "great"!

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E13: Final Words of Wisdom - Noah

We wish Noah goodbye and good luck on his future endeavors as he graduates from WSU. Listen to the final tips Noah has for WSU students.

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E14: Final Words of Wisdom - Emily

We wish Emily goodbye and good luck on her future endeavors as she starts teaching at a high school! Listen as Emily shares her final tips for WSU students.

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E15: The 5 Second Rule (Motivation Series 2)

We meet coach Saxony, and cover Mel Robbins' "5 Second Rule" for easy motivation to help you get started.

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E16: Balancing Academics & Extracurriculars

Struggling to balance academics with extracurriculars? You are not alone! Learn some tips to help!

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E17: How to Become a Deep Learner

Have you heard of deep learning before? If you said no, that's okay! Learn all about it and how you can become a better student.

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E18: Tips for Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is incredibly common amongst students of all ages. We offer some tips that you can use to ease your anxiety and get that grade you worked so hard for! 

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E19: Professor Interview Series

Dr. Hilbig is a professor in the botany program, and she shares with us many words of wisdom on how students can best create a relationship with their professors.

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E20: You've Been on Youtube for 5 Hours, Are You OK? (Student Stories 2)

Some topics that are covered are: note-taking, restricting phone apps, and more. (Stories were found on Reddit)

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E21: How to Find Your Ideal Study Space

Do you keep getting distracted when you’re supposed to be studying? You are not alone! 

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E22: Student Life Hacks

Want to learn some student life hacks as we get closer to finals week? On this episode of C.O.A.C.H., coaches Katie and Saxony offer tips to help!

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E23: Gamifying Studying

With finals week around the corner, studying might be unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be boring!

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E24: Self-Care Isn't Selfish!

Finals week is here but never fear! The Coaches offer reminders that you can use if you feel overwhelmed this week.

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E25: Making the Most of Your Summer Semester!

Learn how to navigate academic pathways to make the most of your summer semester.

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E26: Staying Sharp During the Summer (Motivation Series 3)

Learn how you can stay sharp during the summer to make going back to school in the fall a bit easier. 

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E27: Is Waking Up at 3:00 a.m. to Study a Good Idea? (Student Stories 3)

Learn how to plan a healthy study schedule, stay motivated despite failure, and more.

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E28: Completing Your Pre-Semester Checklist

Get ready for the fall semester with this pre-semester checklist!

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E29: How to Get a Head Start on Your Fall Semester

Set yourself up for success before the semester even starts!

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E30: Using the Syllabus — To Read or Not to Read!

Learn how you can use your syllabus to succeed this semester!

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E31: A Glance at Memory & Metacognition

Learn some quick tips to maximize your memory and metacognition as you study this semester

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E32: Rediscovering Student Values (Motivation Series #4)

Rediscover your student values and how to recommit to the goals that brought you to WSU.

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E33: Writing Center (Campus Resource Series) - Sarah Taylor

Get feedback on your writing for FREE here at WSU, plus tips to get the most out of your session.

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E34: Preparing for & Navigating Midterms

Midterm exams are right around the corner! Explore multiple study strategies that can help you stay focused and get the most out of your study time.

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E35: Brain Food

Want to give your brain a boost? These foods can help fuel your mind during stressful study sessions.

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E36: Balancing Projects

Juggling multiple papers and projects in different classes? Learn how to plan and balance multiple projects at once.

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E37: Bounce Back from Failed Exams

Coaches share their experiences with failure and discuss how you can use that experience to create new goals.

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E38: Counseling and Psychological Services Center (Campus Resource Series #2) - Aaron Jeffrey

Learn more about the FREE mental health resources available at WSU.

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E39: Crucial Note Taking Questions (Student Stories 4)

Get tips on how to take notes during lectures, create a note-taking system, and studying methods.

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E40: Honors Program (Campus Resource Series #3) - Megan Moulding

Learn about the Honors Program's scholastic, social, and financial benefits.

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E41: Professor Interview Series - Design Thinking with Jesus Garcia

Learn about the design thinking methodology and how you can use it to tackle problems solving dilemmas.

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E42: Stay Focused but Relaxed over the Holidays!

Get tips on how you can have a rejuvenating Thanksgiving break while still preparing for finals.

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E43: Final Words of Wisdom – Saxony

Don't miss out on Saxony's last words of wisdom before she leaves. Listen in as she shares her insights and final tips for WSU students.

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E44: Campus Resource Series – Testing Services with Steve Morphet

With finals week right around the corner learn how to best prepare for a visit to the testing center.

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E45: Mindfulness & Affirmations

Learn how you can practice mindfulness to maintain a positive outlook during finals week.

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E46: Motivational Tips for a New Semester (Motivation Series 5)

Discover ways to give your motivation a boost as we begin a new semester.

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E47: Time Management Interactive Activities

Learn time management strategies to increase productivity and decrease stress this semester.

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E48: Answering Your Wildcat Questions

Join Katie and Avalon as they tackle hard-hitting questions from our very own Weber Wildcats!

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E49: The Advantages of Doodling on Notes

Learn the importance of taking notes during lectures and how it doesn't have to be boring!

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E50: Interview Series - What is WSUSA? with SBP Ashley Potokar

Learn more about the leadership opportunities available with WSUSA and the Student Involvement & Leadership Office.

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E51: Freedom of Boundaries

Learn how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries that allows you to be assertive about your own needs and limitations with yourself and others.

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E52: How to Avoid Burnout!

Learn some helpful tips about how to prevent burnout.

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E53: Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Learn tips on how to challenge yourself. Be brave, try new things, and explore new opportunities to pursue the goals that brought you to Weber State University.

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E54: Eat That Frog!

Learn how to prevent procrastination and overcome feelings of dread.

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E55: Instructor Interview Series - Shannon Dixon

Instructor Dixon joins us and shares her words of wisdom on how students can best approach their instructors.

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E56: Answering Your Wildcat Questions #2

Get answers to your questions about time management, study strategies, school-life balance, and ways to pay for college.

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E57: The Power of Humor

Join us discuss the power of humor and how you can use it to enhance your learning.

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E58: Dealing with Failure

Learn how to deal with failure and build resilience to future challenges.

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E59: Stress Relief with Michael Olpin (Campus Resource Series #5)

Learn how you can take advantage of the Stress Relief Center during finals week.

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