Gwen Williams Prize

The Gwen Williams Prize was established by the Hemingway Trustees to recognize extraordinary work by faculty. It honors Gwen Williams who devoted many years of service to the Hemingway Grants as a trustee. The Williams Award winner is selected by the trustees from final reports to the Hemingway Excellence and Collaborative Grants received during the previous two years. In addition to plaques of recognition, projects recognized by the Williams Award receive a $5,000 cash award. The inaugural award of the Hemingway Award was made on April 23, 2002.

Prize Recipients

2018-2019: Julie Rich, Jeremy Farner, Mike Moon

2017–2018: Brandon Burnett and Kristin Rabosky

2016–2017: Alicia Giralt and Stephanie Wolfe

2015–2016: Fred Y. Chiou, David Ferro, Dana D. Dellinger

2014–2015: James A. Zagrodnik

2013–2014: Greg Lewis

2012–2013: Richard Fry

2011–2012: Chris Hoagstrom

2010–2011: Viktor Uzur, Ralph Van der Beek, Shi-Hwa Wang, Yu-Jane Yang

2009–2010: Matthew Schmolesky

2008–2009: John Cavitt

2007–2008: Hal Crimmel

2006–2007: Alicia Giralt



2003–2004: Shannon Butler, Bryan Dorsey, Colleen Garside, Alicia Giralt, Lauren Fowler, Brenda Kowalewski, Kathryn MacKay, Marjukka Ollilainen, Denise Woodbury

2002–2003: John Cavitt, Ron Meyers, Karen Nakaoka

2001–2002: Ruby Licona, Tamara Aird, Michael Beard, Kraig Chugg, Tom Day, Craig Gundy, Carl Porter