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Assessment Committee

The assessment committee is currently working on the formulation and completion of Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s) for academic advising first-year students at Weber State University. Through this process, students and academic advisors will have a clear understanding of what students have learned as a result of the academic advising interaction.


Student Learning Outcomes


1. As a result of academic advising students learn how to use a degree plan (i.e., CatTracks, Graduation MAPs, etc.).
2. As a result of academic advising students learn how to use advising technologies. (Advising technologies include Registration Schedule Builder, Starfish, eWeber portal, etc.)
3. Students know how to contact their Academic Advisor.


4. Students engage in the advising appointment (attend, take notes, etc.).
5. Students demonstrate self-advocacy with faculty and staff.
6. Students use campus resources that are specified during the advising appointment.
7. As a result of meeting with their academic advisor, students understand their responsibilities within the professional relationship.


8. As a result of completing an advising session, students feel that the advisor creates a safe and inclusive space.
9. Students can express how their current interests could develop into long-term goals.
10. Students can articulate the value of general education.

The above student learning outcomes were founded upon the NACADA Academic Advising Core Competencies Model: