Writing Center Online Tutoring

We are currently closed until the first day of Summer 2021 semester classes. 

Welcome to Online Tutoring! 

You can get an online tutoring session for your writing in one of 2 ways:
1. Synchronous--This is by far the best option!
Email or Chat to us at delc@weber.edu to start real-time online video tutoring session. You can also ask the tutor to schedule for an hour from now or a week from now. Here's how instant tutoring sessions work online: https://www.weber.edu/WritingCenter

2. Asynchronous--This takes longer. Send a paper to the Writing Center by filling out the form below and attaching your paper. You will get an email response in 3 - 5 days. Make sure to send an open doc (no pdfs) and use only your student Wildcat email account (mail.weber.edu).

Tips for Asynchronous Tutoring
While specific questions are encouraged, please submit your entire project to get a more complete response.
Because our aim is to improve your overall skills as a writer, we will teach you to effectively edit your work and suggest your best strategies for revising.

A Note about Length -- If your paper or project is over 10-12 pages, we strongly urge you to use the Chat video session option. If you elect to ask us to review your writing through this online process, please understand that, rather than mark the entire paper, we will focus our response on one or 2 aspects or patterns in your writing and try to suggest ways you can use the feedback to best effect.

When you have completely filled out the following form, upload your paper (in .doc, .docx or .rtf format only) using the Browse button below, and press the Submit button. You must enter your Weber State Wildcat student email; all correspondence must occur through your Wildcat email.
Sample: yourname@mail.weber.edu

Our response will come in an e-mail that includes a letter from us about your paper, as well as embedded comments, which will look something like this: sample paper with comments.

You should have a response within 3-5 days, but allow extra time just in case. Please call us at 801-626-6463 if you do not receive your paper within 6 days.