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Levels of Participation in the Wildcat Advantage Program


Complete a high impact educational experience (HIEE) as part of the Wildcat Advantage Program and you will receive:

  • Personalized academic and career path advising
  • Free Wildcat Advantage gear
  • Support creating and developing a free e-Portfolio to help you market yourself and your skills
  • Your name mentioned in a WSU press release that celebrates Wildcat Advantage participants’ accomplishments

Complete as many HIEEs as possible by the time you graduate to maximize the benefits on your educational and professional goals.  

Level 1 Advantage



(must be from two different categories of HIEEs)


  • Priority ePortfolio review with Career Services
  • Receive a Wildcat Advantage graduation cord to wear at graduation
  • Wildcat Advantage participation noted in the commencement program
  • Wildcat Advantage Level 1 Certificate of Completion to include in your ePortfolio

Level 2 Advantage


4 HIEEs total

(HIEEs from Level 1 plus two more)


All benefits associated with Level 1 plus:

  • Invitation to an exclusive career fair prep workshop
  • Special designation as a Wildcat Advantage student at Career Fairs
  • Life coaching session with Director of Career Services
  • Wildcat Advantage Level 2 Certificate of Completion to include in your ePortfolio

Level 3 Advantage


5 or more HIEEs total

(HIEES from Level 2 plus one more)


All benefits associated with Levels 1 & 2 plus:

  • Wildcat Advantage participation noted on your transcript
  • Official certificate/letter from the Provost/President’s Office
  • An exclusive invitation to the Wildcat Advantage Reception with the President
  • Wildcat Advantage Level 3 Certificate of Completion to include in your ePortfolio

Requirements for receiving Wildcat Advantage benefits


  • All participation must be logged in GivePulse
  • Must be completed during the summer, fall or spring semester of the current/most recent academic year to receive academic-year-based benefits
  • Participation must be completed and logged in GivePulse before March 1st or October 1st of the student's graduating semester to be listed in the graduation program and for the student to receive a graduation cord
  • Must be completed at least one month prior to the event for event-specific benefit (e.g. specialized career fair, awards reception, etc.)
  • Must be completed before graduation to receive post-graduation support services or offers