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What are the High Impact Educational Experiences (HIEEs) in the program?

High Impact Educational Experiences (HIEEs) promote student learning through curricular and co-curricular activities that are intentionally designed to foster active and integrative student engagement. A critical component of each HIEE is the invaluable opportunity for each participant to:

  • Reflect on what was learned during the experience;
  • Engage in meaningful interactions with faculty, staff and peers
  • Interact with many different people and circumstances
  • Demonstrate learned and developed competence

Weber State University HIEEs:

Community Engaged Learning

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Complete a community engaged learning (CEL) designated course, become a Community Engaged Leader, participate in service trips locally, nationally or internationally, and more. 

To learn more, contact the Wildcat Advantage Liaison for CEL, Sandra Baltazar at or 801-800-6211.

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Global Learning Experiences

Expand your cultural competence and world view! 

Complete a global learning experience (GBL) designated course or venture off to another country on a Study Abroad trip.

To learn more, contact the Wildcat Advantage Liaison for Global Learning, Shannon Sandau at or 801-626-6916.

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Internship & Career Development

Get on-the-job experience and boost your resume!

Complete an internship (INT) designated course, including REAL Projects, get a job on campus or participate in other career exploration and professional development.

To learn moreTo learn more about internships, contact the Wildcat Advantage Liaison for Internships at To learn more about career exploration and development, contact the Wildcat Advantage Liaison for Career Development at

Learn More About Career Services HIEEs


Discover your leadership style!

Become a student senator for your college, hold a leadership position in student government, help lead a student club or Honor Society, participate in the Emerging Leaders program, and more.

To learn more, contact the Wildcat Advantage Liaison for Leadership, Sheldon Cheshire at sheldoncheshire@weber.ed or 801-626-7850.

Learn More About Leadership HIEEs

Peer Mentor/Tutor

Learn more deeply by teaching others!

Become a peer mentor or tutor or serve as a supplemental instructor for your favorite course or professor.

To learn more, contact the Wildcat Advantage Liaison for Peer Mentoring/Tutoring, Olga Antonio at or 801-626-7332.

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Undergraduate Research

Discover the answers to your questions!

High impact programs (HIEE), like The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR), provide support for students engaged in research, scholarly and creative endeavors by offering Undergraduate Research, Scholarly, & Creative Grants and Travel Grants.  HIEE activities under OUR include: completing a CRE-designated course, or completing a research, scholarly, or creative project.  Projects are considered completed when the research has been conducted, analyzed and disseminated.

To learn more, contact the Wildcat Advantage Liaison for OUR, Erin Kendall at  or 801-626-8541.

Learn More About Research HIEEs

Capstone Project

Impress an employer or graduate program with your project management skills!

Many majors at Weber State offer a capstone course where students synthesize much of what they have learned in their major into a final project typically in their senior year.

Contact the department chair in your major to learn more.

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