Site Manager FAQ

How do I request a site using Site Manager?

By filling out the form to request a Web site be created on the server. Once you submit the completed form, your information will be processed and you will receive an e-mail confirming the site has been created.

How do I get access to edit a site that already exists in Site Manager?

Complete the form for requesting access to an existing Site Manager web site. Once the form has been completed and submitted, the information will be processed and you should receive an e-mail with your login information within a day or two.

Do all WSU websites have to created using Site Manager?

No, all web sites at Weber State University do not have to be created using the Site Manager content management system (CMS). It is strongly recommended that official "public facing" university sites use Site Manager.  There are several options for web hosting using FTP. Applications associated with this type of web hosting and development include: Dreamweaver and Expression Web.

What happens when WSU changes the main university website design?

When Weber State updates its main web site design, all sites created in the Site Manager CMS will be updated to that new theme automatically. This is part of the professional functionality of a content management system.