Site Manager Blog

Site Manager 4.8: New Site Wide Settings

The major features in this release are new Site Wide Settings for default dropdown navigation (for Dropdown templates) and the ability to deploy stylesheets for your entire site.

Site Manager 4.6: Multi-page Undelete Function Added

This release includes several enhancements for the Recycle Bin on the Pages tab. Previously users were able to select multiple items in the Recycle Bin but not actually undelete them. We've added the functionality for that as well as added a more obvious "Restore" button on the top toolbar of the pages tree view to "undelete" a page. 

Site Manager 4.5: New Default Template Setting, Tree View Video

This week we're introducing a new site-wide setting that allows you to set a default template for your site.  Another new feature is that newly created or copied nodes in the tree view will now be automatically selected and display their page properties.  We've also upgraded the file manager on the Files tab and released an all new tutorial video on using the tree view.

Site Manager 4.4: Upgraded Treeview and More UI Updates

In this release, we've done more to enhance the user interface experience on the Pages tab, Users tab and Stats tab. On the Pages tab, we've upgraded the treeview to make it more reliable and eliminate common bugs. On the Users and Stats tab, we've updated the interface to match the look and feel of the other tabs.

Site Manager 4.3: User Interface Changes

In this release, probably the biggest change is the updated user interface on the Pages tab.  We hope you will find it more intuitive and easier to use on mobile devices.   You'll also notice the Tree View now has scroll bars that help keep the properties of a page always within view.  

Site Manager 4.2: More Editor Upgrades

In this release we are adding new upgrades to the WSYWIG editor for some bug fixes and new features. The Layouts button allows users to insert predefined layouts to quickly create popular designs on the web page.  Show Blocks button allows users to the boundaries of sections and sub sections within the edit area.

Site Manager 4.0: Upgraded Editor

We are excited to announce our first release for Site Manager 4, which includes a new landing page, enhanced toolbar functionality, and an upgraded page editor.